Network Installation & Support

PC installations

PC Installations

C2S assembled its first PC in 1995; with a wealth of experience under our collective belts, many clients find it easiest to let us take care of everything from the mouse to content management.

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Network installations

Network Installations

C2S networks anything that can be shared, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, printers, internet connections, wireless connections, emails and backups.

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Server installations

Server Installations

C2S delivers work outside standard office hours including weekends to minimise any disruption. We can handle a range of server needs, from the single server start-up to full business infrastructure.

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Cabling services


Patch cables, patch panel installs, tidying up rack cables and equipment, on-site network cabling and wall sockets work.

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Internet services


Internet services including fibre optics, copper wire (BT), coax (Virgin/Telewest) and broadband support.

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Shared devices

Device Sharing

Shared connections including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, printers, internet, wireless, backups and email services.

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Upgrades to equipment


Some old systems, especially industrial cutting tools (CNC etc.), do not like being modernised C2S can integrate old systems so they work with new equipment.

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